TAPING POLICY: John Scofield allows taping at the discretion of each venue on a case by case basis. No video taping, no board patches, sorry. Taping of his Jazz Trio or other jazz oriented projects will not be permitted for reasons outside Scofield’s authority—contractual obligations and the wishes of other musicians with differing opinions. No Scofield tape may be posted on any internet download sites—they are for individual trading only. We regret any disappointment this may cause. Contact can be made through the website (see Contact Info).

ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Don’t forget to check with the venue for last minute cancellations or changes. Check venue links for tickets and other venue information.


Date Artist City Venue Country
03/05/20 SOLO Guitar! Mamaroneck, NY Emelin Theater United States
03/14/20 Trio with Vicente Archer and Bill Stewart Moscow Igor Butman Club at Taganka Russian Federation
03/15/20 Trio with Vicente Archer and Bill Stewart Moscow Moscow International House of Music Russian Federation
04/02/20 Scofield GUEST with Trondheim Jazz Band Oslo Nasjonal Jazzscene, Victoria Norway
04/03/20 Scofield GUEST with Trondheim Jazz Band Voss Vossa Jazz Festival Norway
04/04/20 Scofield GUEST with Trondheim Jazz Band Utrecht Transition Festival Netherlands
04/17/20 66 Combo: John Scofield, Vicente Archer, Bill Stewart and George Colligan St. Louis, Missouri Touhill PAC United States
04/30/20 John Scofield / Dave Holland Duo New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival United States
04/30/20 Scofield GUEST with The Foundations of Funk New Orleans, Louisiana The Fillmore United States
Time: 9:00pm.

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